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how to skin peel guide

Skin Rejuvenating Peel Treatment

How to Use TCA Peel – Professional Grade Trichloroacetic Acid 20% Rejuvenating Chemical Peel

Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have any medical conditions that prohibit you from doing peel procedures. See your dermatologist or esthetician to find out if this peel is suitable for you if you have dark skin or prone to hyperpigmentaion

  1. Do a small area patch testing. Apply a small amount to the forearm or behind the ear. If you experience burning and redness or allergic reaction within 24 hours, apply neutralizer or soap and discontinue use.
  2. Cleanse face with Cellbone Collagen Cleanser or facial soap. Apply Collagen Skin Refresher/Toner or Prep Skin Refresher. ( optional )
  3. Apply petroleum jelly on the area such as lips, eyes, and nostrils where you need to protect from the acid. Avoid touching the acid by wearing latex gloves.
  4. Apply TCA to your skin using cotton pads or gauze or brush and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes. When the skin starts frosting, wash off with cool water.
  5. Apply Post Chemical Peel Neutralizer Cream or Neutralizer Skin pH Balancer to end the peeling process and rinse with water.
  6. Apply Hydra CP+ Skin Hydration Gel or Neutralizer Skin pH Balancer or Hydra SQ+ while the skin is healing.
  7. Be sure to use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure after peel application.
  8. Use once a month as needed.