-Treatment of puffiness and bags under the eyes


Eyeliss ™ helps reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes. Puffy eyes are due to fluid build-up caused by poor drainage, fragile capillaries, and loss of elasticity. Fluid leaks into surrounding tissues and produces "bags". Eyeliss™ targets all three conditions by improving drainage, reducing capillary fragility, and reducing irritation and skin slackening while increasing skin firmness and elasticity.



Combination of 3 active molecules in solution: Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Dipeptide VW and Lipopeptide of Pal-GQPR



Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone: Decreases capillary permeability Dipeptide Valyl-Tryptophane (VW): Improves lymphatic circulation Lipopeptide Pal-GQPR: Improves firmness and elasticity, decreases the inflammatory phenomena.



A global treatment for puffy eyes based on the association of 3 actives that target specific physiological deficiencies.


Clinical Study

Eyeliss before and after
20 female volunteers, aged 40 to 60, with chronic bags under the eyes. Application of 3% Eyeliss™ twice a day for 56 days. Number of volunteers with reduction in the bag volume;
  • 28 days -> 65%
  • 56 days-> 70%



  • Eye contour smoothing:62%
  • Reduction in the bags:52%
  • Decongestant effect:52%