Euglena Gracilis (Chronodyn™)

sub euglena bar

  -Cell Energizer


Chronobiological cell energizer. Tones and firms the skin. Enhances skin vitality and fights against signs of fatigue.



Euglena Gracilis
Biotechnological extract of Euglena Gracilis



Triggers cell metabolism by stimulating calcium release and enhancing the energy level.



Euglena Gracilis, a unicellular pseudo algae, is a chronobiological (overnight synthesis) source of phosphoinositides - the origin of the mobilization of calcium and supply of ATP.



Euglena Gracilis (Chronodyn™) is recommended to apply at nighttime due to enhance cell metabolism during the skin's repair and energy production phase.


In Vitro Tests

Calcium release
Neosynthesis of IP3 (inositol triphoshate): Euglena Gracilis (Chronodyn™) added to culture medium of human keratinocytes / incubation period : 1 Minute

Neosynthesis of ATP: Euglena Gracilis (Chronodyn™) added to culture of normal human fibroblasts depleted in ATP / incubation period : 2 hours

Calcium release: Measurement of calcium released by keratinocytes incubated with 3% Euglena Gracilis (Chronodyn™) is determined by specific fluorescent labeling.

Euglena Gracilis (Chronodyn™) stimulates elements essential for metabolism, strengthening the skin’s ability to assure its regenerative function.


In vivo Tests

In vivo Tests
Double blind study: Twice daily application of a cream contain 3% Euglena Gracilis (Chronodyn™) applied to half face, against placebo on the other half for 28 days, on 21 female volunteers (average age: 44 years). Measurement of skin fatigue on creek with torque meter after 5 torsion.

Chronodyn™ increases skin firmness: After 4 weeks skin resists deformation: +21.3%.

Chronodyn™increases skin tone and vitality: After 2 weeks skin recuperates from deformation: +27.1%

After 28 days the skin is 3 times firmer and 4 times more toned than placebo treated site. Chronodyn™ strengthens skin's resistance to brush away the signs of age.