2nd order in two weeks - Thank you Cellbone for the amazing samples, loving the solid firm, I LOVE your products xoxo
-Tonya B. Virginia Beach, VA     Feb 28, 2024


Arrived promptly and extremely well packaged to protect the product. I've bought from this particular company, Cellbone, before, and they are literally the leaders in skin care. The product comes with explicit instructions and one of the benefits is pore shrinkage. I highly recommend any product that this company makes.
-Terri C. READING, PA     Feb 02, 2024
Update. The last time I wrote a testimony I was 69. I'm 71 now and still use Cellbone because it continually provides excellent performance. The products I repeatedly use are Restore ll and Solid Firm. You can't lose on any of their products; all are superior!
-KJ G Seattle     Sept 19, 2023


Highest quality products at affordable prices! I can honestly say that I have never had so many compliments on my complexion as I do now that I use Cellbone products. they keep your skin hydrated and vibrant. the customer service is also excellent, and I love trying the little sample products that come with every order. thank you Cellbone!” - Sally D. in FL Sept 11, 2023



Thank you for helping me to keep my youthful appearance for the past 10 years! Cellbone is simply the best! - Jenny G in Eloy AZ Au 31, 2023 .
Best product ever, I love that you give samples, got me hooked on a lot of products!! - jacqueline in NY may 7,2023
I haveI been using this brand since I was 28. I am Now 42, pushing 43, actually ( soon in August ) What you see on this review is my picture , and yes! It’s new ! This was me a week ago, getting ready to go out !!! I can honestly say , I look better now than when I first started my journey with Cellbone .And I call it “journey “ because we go way back ; when I first discovered Cellbone , I was newly divorced , stressed out by a lot of changes both in my personal life and at work. My job was about to lay our whole center’s workforce off . Needless to say that my skin showed all that stress and MORE. I have now been a believer and a constant customer through 2 decades . My life changed a lot , and so did a lot of things , but Cellbone products did not . Following a good skin routine is tough when you are not rich , and have limited time in your life , but Cellbone allowed that for me . This particular serum is very clean , light weight but powerful and my skin absorbs it SUPER EASILY. Even after becoming a mother , many friends , co-workers , and even random acquaintances ask me how I still look like I am in my 20’s. And I can safely say that this serum changed my game by a lot. I apply it on dry skin up to 5 times a day , for amazing results , but you don’t need to do it as much, even twice a day will make a huge difference already . If you love your skin and want to look as young as you feel , this serum along with any Cellbone product is what you’re looking for.
-Rhiannon     April 22, 2023


I have been a Cellbone customer for many years. Their topical pharmaceutical skin products are excellent of the highest quality and extremely effective. Their price points are very reasonable, and the staff is pleasant and helpful. - Julie G in New York January 24, 2023


Love love your peels! Gentle but effective! -Jenny G. Casa Grande AZ 11/20/2022


Melissa J Melissa J Melissa J "I turned 52 on 7/8/22 and have been using Cellbone products for at least a decade I believe, during which time I have and continue to model professionally in addition to my primary career. My mission is to show the world that aging is a fallacy and Cellbone definitely is and has been a huge player in this mission and deserves much applause!!! I am so incredibly grateful to Cellbone for being part of my fountain of youth campaign. Thank you Cellbone!!!!!" - Melissa J, Esq. N.Y. 11/7/2022


As a male in my late 30’s, I have never really used a skincare regimen. However, I started to notice wrinkles and fine lines, so I decided to be proactive and try Cellbone products. Now I have a solid skincare routine. I really love using Collagen Cleanser morning and night. It makes me feel clean and refreshed and I love how it lathers for a truly clean feel. I also use SolidiFirm daily, to moisturize my skin. I saw a huge improvement in my complexion in just one month. After using Cellbone, I won’t use any other skin care products. Thank you so much Cellbone!   Richard in Pennsylvania October 2022



You spoil me! Thank you.

- KJ in Seattle

KJ in Seattle


Tisha Scott Hi. I’ve been using Cellbone products for a few months now. I have been an aesthetician for 15 years and have lots of experience working with some of the best facial and skin products throughout my career. I am truly excited and happy with the products I’ve received from Cellbone. I’m 45 and was concerned about dull and skin damaged skin. Anti-aging products are something I was definitely interested in. So far, I’ve tried the Hydra B5 + serum. It worked wonders. I noticed a difference in my skin in a matter of a couple of weeks. Soft and clear with no oily feeling. Vitamin C is a fabulous product added to my anti-aging regiment. But the best and my most favorite product, so far, is the anti-aging solidify moisturizer. My skin feels immediately clean, soft, and I’m noticing a clear complexion. I’ve seen a difference around my eyes specifically. I cannot say enough great things about these products!! I’m placing a new order today. One last thing Cellbone does to show you their appreciation for you as a customer is they send several extras for you to try out. I’m ALWAYS excited to see what they put in my package as a new product to try. Thank you, Cellbone! You’re doing fantastic work with your products, and it’s obvious that you care for your customers! Extremely satisfied customer! -Tisha Scott, 45