Inca Inchi Seed Oil

  - Richest oil in Omega 3 with Tocopherol


Inca Inch plant
Inca Inchi is Peruvian Amazon plant known by local people for thousands of years. The pre Inca and Inca culture used it as engravings show on ceramics found in graves.



Inca Inch seed comes from seeds growing in the Amazon area of Peru, according to tradition and organic agriculture methods. Inca Inchi oil is processed by cold pressure of seeds followed by a mechanical clarification by decantation and filtration.


Fatty Acids Activities

Inca Inchi oil has an exceptional content in Omega-3 which makes it the richest of all known natural sources. The concentration of this unsaturated fatty acids oil can reach 94%, including in average 48% essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic omega-3 and 38% in essential fatty acid linolenic Omega-6. These 2 polyunsaturated fatty acids, constituents of cell membranes phospho-lipids, Inca Inchi allows to restore the cutaneous barrier organization and epidermal elasticity. It regulates the cutaneous permeability and contributes to control of imperceptible water loss and therefore to maintain skin hydration. In addition, as precursors of prostaglandins, these two essential fatty acids give Inca Inchi a role cutaneous regulator in the healing process and the keratinization regulation.

OMEGA 3/6/9 roles
  • Decreases erythema induced by UVB
  • Maintains skin elasticity
  • Stimulates healing
  • Enhances the transcutaneous flux of molecules
  • Regulates keratinization
  • Limits the trans epidermis water loss
  • Maintains skin hydration


Fatty Acids Comparison

ND: Not Determined EFA: Essential Fatty Acids


Fatty Acids Comparison


Omega-3 is an important cell membranes constituents and Inca Inch oil is the richest source of Omega-3 and Essential Fatty Acids.
  Inca Inchi Sunflower Cotton Palm Olive Sweet Almond Borage evening Primrose
Total Oil 54 49 16 ND ND 53 33 24.6
Saturated Fatty Acids
Palmitic 3.85 7.5 18.4 45 13 7.5 11.1 6.5
Stearic 2.55 5.3 2.4 4 3 0.9 4.2 1.8
Unsaturated Fatty Acids
Linoleic Omega-9 8.28 29.3 18.7 40 71 69.6 17.9 10.2
Linoleic Omega-6 8.28 29.3 18.7 40 71 69.6 17.9 10.2
Linoleic Omega-3 41.61 0 0.5 0 1 0.05 0.55 0.1
Total EFA 85.41 57.9 58 10 11 22.25 37.25 71.9