Collection: Active Facial Capsules

Experience Precise Skincare Solutions With Our Active Facial Capsules

Scientifically proven active facial capsules from Cellbone encapsulate the science-backed potent ingredients that provide precise and targeted results for your skin. Our range of facial capsules promises efficacy for a wide range of skin concerns and helps you achieve great results when it comes to skin health. Each capsule contains powerful ingredients aimed at promoting excellent skin health.

  • Precision In Every Capsule
  • Our active facial capsules are designed to provide a great blend of all potent ingredients to your skin. With our innovative technology, our products ensure that every capsule preserves the potency of ingredients until the moment of application.

  • Curated Solutions For Targeted Concerns
  • Argireline® -C specifically addresses the development of lines and wrinkles resulting from skin creases due to facial muscle contractions.

  • Scientifically Validated Formulations
  • Scientifically Validated Formulations Scientific validations back our active facial capsule and has been curated only after rigorous testing and research. Hence, you are investing in skincare that delivers proven results.

    Explore Cellbone’s Facial Capsules where precisions meet potency to take a step forward in achieving radiant, glowing, and smooth skin.