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-Hydration and Nutrition

History of Caviar


Caviar is the name given to the roe of some Acipenseridae species. Through history, caviar has been considered as a synonym for refinement. The taste for sturgeon roe was initiated by Persians. Caviar was usually presented as the favorite delicacy at the table of Kings and aristocrats. After decades into obvlibion, caviar whetted the appetite of the Parisian aristocracy due to the efforts of the Russian tzar Alexander I. It would subsequently win adepts worldwide. This food is mentioned in El Quijote by D. Miguel de Cervantes, when the pilgrims invited Sancho Panza, after he governed his isle, to have "a black dainty called, they say, caviar, and made of the eggs of fish, a great thirst-wakener." Important historic figures left testimony about this delicacy. Pop Julius II sanctified caviar and Shakespeare mentioned it in Hamlet, as an allegory of something utterly good, superior to the tastes of common people.


Average Composition

Caviar is rich in protein, and the average composition of caviar extract is as follows

Humidity Proteins Lipids Ashes Carbohydrates
50.3% 26.2% 16.7% 4.0% 2.8%


Amino Acid Composition

The average amino acid composition of the protein in the Caviar.
Caviar also contains vitamins (especially vitamin A, group B, D, and E ) and oligo elements.
Name %
Isoleucine 5.2
Lysine 8.8
Methionine 9.0
Cystine 3.0
Phenylalanine 1.2
Tyrosine 4.40
Treonine 3.8
Tryptophane 5.1
Valine 1.0
Arginine 6.1
Histidine 6.3
Alanine 3.1
Aspartic acid 6.6
Glutamic acid 11.7
Glycine 14.2
Proline 5.4
Serine 4.2


Cosmetic Properties

The average amino acid composition of the protein in the Caviar.

Caviar Extract has moisturizing and emollient properties because of its hygroscopic, water-retaining substances, which improves hydration of the horny layer. Additionally, it has native properties due to high protein and amino acids contents.

The use of Caviar extract is fully recommended in moisturizing and notional perpetration's and it can be used in preparation for aged and wrinkled skins.