Dry Skin Starter Routine

Dry Skin Starter Routine

Product Suggestions


  • Tone:

    Mandelic Skin Refresher Mandelic Skin Refresher is formulated to help in the gentle removal of dead skin cells and excess oils, potentially clearing lingering traces post-cleansing, aiming for a refreshed and invigorated complexion.
  • Support/Enhance:

    Collagen Antiaging Serum Collagen Anti Aging Serum is enriched with high potency collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and anti-wrinkle peptides to provide protein nourishment, hydration, and firmness to the skin. Collagen Anti-aging Serum creates visibly firm looking skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Eye Perfect Eye Perfect Blue light defense moisturizer is formulated to help shield the skin from potential effects of solar and artificial blue light exposure, this moisturizer is designed to hydrate the eye area. It aims to smooth the appearance of fine lines and reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness.

  • Moisturize:

    SOLIDIFIRM II Age Defying Lift & Firm Moisturizer SOLIDIFIRM II Age Defying Lift & Firm Moisturizer blends cutting-edge ingredients to address fine lines and wrinkles. Its luxuriously smooth formula absorbs swiftly, aiming to rejuvenate skin cells and enhance elasticity.
  • Helps shield skin from harmful sun exposure

    Sun Protection SPF 45 Sun Protection SPF 45 Moisturizing Cream offers advanced UVA/UVB defense, aiding in the prevention of sunburn and early signs of skin aging.