Collagen & Bone

90% of the organic matrix of bone is collagen

Approximately 90% of the organic matrix of bone is Type I collagen, cross-linked to increase strength and rigidity.

Bone Density Diagram
About 6.8 million fractures occur each year in the United States, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Over the course of a lifetime, each person will experience two fractures on average, the academy estimates. Bone collagen is apparent only at the molecular level and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Scientists are attempting to see how collagen changes in bone might be prevented.

Healthy Bone
Porous Bone
Osteoporosis is a reduction of bone mass and micro-architectural deterioration resulting in increased risk of bone fracture. Diagnosis of osteoporosis is based on clinical assessment of bone mass density (BMD), associated risk factors and radiological measurements.

Broken Bone
While calcium supplements, hormone replacement and other therapies seek to prevent bone mineral loss, no current therapy can address age-related damage to a person's bone collagen.