Collagen & Vitamin C

Vitamin C Boosts Collagen

Vitamin C molecular
Vitamin C has been scientifically proven helping refine lines, improve wrinkles, condition and prevent premature aging.


Vitamin C is essential for the building of collagen, the most abundant protein built in our bodies and the major component of connective tissue. This connective tissue has structural and supportive functions which are indispensable to heart tissues, to blood vessels, --in fact, to all tissues. Collagen is not only the most abundant protein our bodies, it also occurs in larger amounts than all other proteins put together. It cannot be built without vitamin C.


No heart or blood vessel or other organ could possibly perform its functions without collagen.
No heart or blood vessel can be maintained in healthy condition without vitamin C.

Vitamin C is Needed for:

  • Formation of collagen, a cementing material in blood vessels, bones and teeth
  • Healthy gums, teeth and bones
  • Speeds wound healing and helps resist infection
  • Assists iron absorption