-Bags under eyes: An excessively sign of aging

Bags Under Eyes

Called into action ten thousand times a day to moisten the eyes, prey to emotions that contract (worry, stress) or stretch them (surprise, joy), subjected to the blinking reflexes on validation in light intensity, the eyelids are indubitably, together with the lips, one of the two most mobile cutaneous surfaces of the body.


An Excessively Sign of Aging

It is thus not at all surprising that the very first signs of aging, the first circulatory disorders and the greatest sensitivity to irritation affect, as a priority, those cutaneous membranes whose thickness is only equivalent to five sheets of paper (0.5 mm on average and 6 to 7 cell layers).

Sagging of the skin, with the formation of bags, rings and wrinkles under the eyes, affects men and women equally.

Transient disorders in an excessively frenetic lifestyle, rings under swelling of the lower eyelids are relatively well tolerated in young individuals. However, those signs become lasting as time passes and become unsightly and poorly accepted in adults.