Astaxanthin Eye

  Improvement of Eye Strain & Accommodation in Visual Display Terminal Workers Taking Astaxanthin

Eye Strain

Astaxanthin Eye
Working for long periods at visual display terminals (VDT) reportedly induces various visual problems such as eye strain, burring and diplopia. Carotenoids are known to lessen the risk of age related muscular degeneration, but no information is available about the effects of Astaxanthin on the degree of eye strain VDT workers.


Astaxanthin Eye Strain Study
After 4 weeks of Astaxanthin supplementation, a 46% reduction of eye strain subjects and higher accommodation amplitude in VDT subjects. Although the mechanism is unclear, Astaxanthin's potent antioxidant properties may relieve chronic stress of VDT use that may induce hypo-function of the ciliary body, resulting in a decreased accommodation. No systemic adverse effects nor other significant changes were reported from supplementation.
Nagaki Y., Hayasaka S., Yamada T., Hayasaka Y., Sanada M., Uonomi T. Journal of Traditional Medicines 2002: 19(5), 170-173


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