Astaxanthin Visualacuity

  Improvement in Visual Acuity & Endurance

Improvement in Visual Acuity & Endurance

Strenuous exercise in humans produces free radicals that may be detrimental to muscle function and co-ordination. This is specifically important concerning the high performance of athletes. Antioxidants including Astaxanthin have been suggested to help reduce effects of oxidative stress. In the study, the effects of Astaxanthin supplementation on the eye and muscle function in subjects trained in hand-ball and long distance running were investigated.


Astaxanthin Visualacuity Study
Hand ball (group A) subjects that received Astaxanthin had improved their depth perception and critical flicker by 46% and 5% respectively. No effects on static and kinetic visual acuity were observed. 1200 Runners (group B) Astaxanthin supplemented subjects had 28.6% lower serum lactic concentration at 2 minutes after the period of exercise compared to the values without supplementation. No adverse effects were observed regarding Astaxanthin supplementation on serum biological and hematological examinations and also 4 and 5 weeks after the supplementation ceased. Based on these preliminary clinicals, Astaxanthin may be effective for improving visual acuity and for muscle fatigue.
Sawaki K., Yoshigi H. Aoki K., Koikawa N., Azumane A., Kaneko K., Yamaguchi M., Journal of Clinical Therapeutics and Medicines, 2002, 19:(9)73-88


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