Astaxanthin Muscle

The production of reactive oxygen species cause the damages

Intense aerobic exercise leads to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) through a variety of mechanisms. These exercised induced ROS oxides several targets such as proteins, lipids and DNA causing damage to skeletal muscle, heart and liver. Also a secondary inflammatory response is generated that adds to delayed onset muscle damage induced by ROS. Previous studies demonstrated that antioxidants like Vitamin E, C and carotenids can decrease oxidative damage.


astaxanthin muscle study
The effect of Astaxanthin supplementation delayed onset muscle damage following intensive exercise. Especially oxidative damage in gastrocnemius and heart. Attenuation of oxidative damage to lipids, DNA and also leakage of Creatine Kinase into plasma. Furthermore, neutrophil iniltration into the tissue was inhibited.
Arakame K.
Superior Skin Protection via Astaxanthin Carotenoid Science, Vol.5, April, 2002


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